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1 Hour, 1:1 Mentoring.

Focussing on:

My 7 Steps To Greater Confidence
Goal setting
Opening up in a trusted, supported environment


You are more powerful than you think.

It is all in our thoughts. Somedays you just feel like nothing is going your way, you have no energy, you don’t want to show up, you want to hide away, you are just so damn tired.

And maybe this is true. But maybe it’s not.

It is all in our thoughts.

You can change your state in an instant. Your thought patterns can go from thinking negative thoughts, to then thinking and believing in positive thoughts.

If at one moment you are absolutely dreading going to school because you have an exam, or someone hasn't been nice to you, or you absolutely have no energy, stop! Stop and listen and realise what is going on. Tune into yourself, understand who you are and what is going on in your mind. And then own this. Own what is happening. Understand what is happening and accept this. It is our own thoughts and we can control these. Instead of worrying or feeling sad about this, just realise and accept. It is an emotion. Work out why, then start journaling your thoughts and releasing them. This is so powerful and really helps you work through these emotions. Write….write.…write….

You are in control of your own body and your own mind. Getting to know yourself and truly understanding why you are feeling the way you do, is so powerful.

Get to know you.

Who are you?
What are you thinking?
How do you feel?

Understanding this helps to understand you.

Realise what you are thinking. Understand. Accept. Release.

If you are feeling like this and want to understand more about getting to know yourself better and to learn how to accept and then release, I can help.

I didn't understand this process till later in life and I would love to help you at your younger age now. It is such an important, powerful tool to know now and will help you throughout your life. Once you get this, it is powerful.

You are more powerful than you think.

Once you get this, your thoughts and beliefs are that. You own these. Take charge now.